Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another one bites the dust…Is @jawbone UP ready for primetime or will Nike Fuelband steal the market?

I have been wearing my jawbone UP for some time now. I must admit I don't use it as much as the fitbit. I am on my second UP wristband. The first one refused to charge or sync unless you stretched it - see my earlier blog about this. I was hoping that the updated UP would have fixed the early production issues.

The replacement fared better. Admittedly the cap lasted only a few weeks. It is not a skier friendly design. The cap gets caught in clothing and pops off easily. Never to be seen again. Definitely a design flaw where you loose the one piece of the device that carries the logo. I just kept thinking - this would never have made it out of the Apple design studios...

In the last couple of weeks the UP had become increasingly temperamental at syncing. I had to try to sync multiple times before it would actually complete a sync. Then this weekend it just died. No lights. No vibration. Nothing. 

I left the UP to charge for two days but no deal it is still dead. I think jawbone have some work to do on the design of this product. Unfortunately time is slipping away for them. The Nike+ Fuelband
 has been launched and is an interesting design that will leverage an embedded infrastructure that Nike has nurtured with Apple. I have to get my hands on a Nike+ Fuelband
 to try out and see how it fits in to my daily life. 


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