Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#bmoretechb At (AOL) for Baltimore Tech Breakfast

I am at the monthly Baltimore Tech Breakfast that is organized by Ron Schmelzer of

The hashtag is #bmoretechb - The linkedIn of Social Discovery Apps.

Devin Partlow.

Social Discovery based on proximity and availability.

Free Android App on Google Play. iPhone App in the works.

The app will connect you with merchants (coffee shops / restaurants.
for your meeting.

In development since 2010. Now on fourth iteration. More focused around building connections.

Realtime monitoring of real world environments.

Presented by Thomas Smith

Told a story about a rise in Whooping cough despite vaccination. The cause was a refrigerator malfunction. The challenge was to keep the cold chain during transportation.

Manufacturers and insurers lose hundreds of millions of dollars. It is almost impossible to trace the cause in the transportation chain.

The Magpie 1 device is a small device that broadcasts route and temperature and humidity.

The competition is:
- Paper Strips
- Data Loggers
- FedEx specific - SenseAware (domestic use only)

Magpie 1 - customizable sensor. Low power. 

Looking for funding to support completing development and starting initial production. 

Works globally across multiple carriers and so is applicable to international shipments. 

Estimated cost is $200 per device. 

Wehgee - Justin D'Onofrio

Wehgee is based out of New Jersey.

Combines personal connection and link sharing and collective sharing.

Is this Delicious + Facebook + Pinterest?

Traditional categories: Video, Links, Quotes, Photos, Audio

A weekly topic - conversation starter..

It looks like there is no link to existing social network

Wehgee has topics running for a week. - gives people time to think.

On Twitter on @Wehgee

Currently entering beta testing.

Working on Mobile version and Twitter and Facebook integration.

Business Model based around sponsored tags.

Pinweel - Tony Amoyal

Pinweel is not Katarina Fake's Pinwheel application.

Group photo sharing with awesome privacy settings.

Pinweel is mobile and group photo sharing.

Create public or private shared albums.

You can make an album publicly visible but require an invite to allow upload.

SMS or email photos is cumbersome. Facebook is not private enough.

Dropbox is cumbersome. not social and can get pricey for large albums.

Instagram users use Pinweel for volume sharing.

Built on EC2 and S3. Mongo for data store. Built in Rails.

OnePhoto - Matthew Taylor

Another photo sharing application. Matthew Taylor presented at last night's Baltimore Wordpress Group in Columbia. See my notes from last night here:

OnePhoto is an application built using the Wordpress platform.

It is focused around the desktop. 

The Greenbox allows you to upload unsorted photos and then easily tag and add in to albums.

OnePhoto allows groups to contribute photos. 

A very nice clean interface that demonstrates the enormous potential of the Wordpress platform.

MD Entrepreneur Resources - Robert Rosenbaum, TEDCO Pres & Exec Dir

TEDCO was mentioned as an Entrepreneur Resource at ThinkBig Baltimore  on Monday night. See my notes:

Entrepreneur Expo on November 13, 2012. Expect 500 entrepreneurs to attend.

Startup America Partnership. This Friday launch at U of MD College Park for Maryland launch.

Check out

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