Thursday, March 01, 2012

Empowering Health Care Engagement - A.E.I.O.U a selection of images from my #HIMSS12 session

Last week I was at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas to present at the Leading from the future track. My topic was "Empowering Health Care Engagement."

I have already posted a draft version of my slides to slideshare. Check out my blog here to see the draft deck.

During my presentation, and following it on Twitter a couple of things caught people's attention so I thought I would pick out some of those key slides and present them here:

One of my consistent themes has been "Health May be Private, 

while exercise is often solitary

but effective wellness should be both social and fun.

In my presentation I posed the question: Is there a recipe for Engagement?

I put forward the proposition that there is and use a simple mnemonic as a guide:



Citizen empowerment in their own health is an important step where we use sensors to gather data and have that utilized by our health support teams. 

This is where we must act to "Break the glass wall in Health Care"

Empowered engagement demands trust. This is the big challenge for many entrenched players in health care. Where they have traditionally been treated with suspicion by their clients.

One thing to remember when we are designing health care applications: The patient is often a reluctant consumer.

These are just a selection of the images from my presentation but they get a few critical messages across. It is critically important that we create an environment that supports empowered engagement in health.

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