Friday, March 09, 2012

HealthCamp meets StarTrek: James T. Kirks Rules of Leadership parallel

There is a great article in Forbes by Alex Knapp on the Five Leadership lessons from James T. Kirk.

As a long time StartTrek fan I had to read the article. It got me thinking (Always dangerous I know!).

There are many parallels between Kirk's leadership style and active participation in HealthCamp
Make sure you read the Forbes article but here is a quick summary:

1. Never Stop Learning
2. Have Advisors with Different World Views
3. Be Part of the Away Team
4. Play Poker, Not Chess
5. Blow Up the Enterprise

How do these Leadership rules apply to HealthCamp?


1. Never Stop Learning: Participants at are not a passive audience. They are active participants. The opportunities to learn new things is only limited by your willingness to engage with others before, during and after the event. This also directly links to rule number 2...

2. Have Advisors with Different World brings together people from across the health care spectrum and beyond. The diversity of world views is one of the true strengths of the experience. The different perspectives that each participant brings sheds new light and triggers insights in to challenges people have been facing. 

3. Be Part of the Away Team: Participating in a is exactly like leading an Away Team. When participants step out of their every day working environments and meet with people that they do not normally have opportunity to meet with they gain new insights in to their work. They add an amazing depth to their experience that strengthens the work that they do. is where you join an Away Team and participate in new shared discoveries. So come to - just don't wear a red shirt!

4. Play Poker, Not Chess: We live and work in a world where despite our desire to create predictable rules we find that life happens. is an organic experience where the participants define the agenda for the day. The experience is a product of their interactions. As such there are no rigidly defined rules. There may be some structure to the day but the participants drive the outcomes. Experiencing reminds us of the need to be adaptable and embrace the unpredictable nature of the world we live and work in. 

5. Blow Up The is an opportunity to validate your passion. To gain new perspectives and determine the relevancy of what you are doing. Participation in is like participating in an instant focus group. It is a sanity check - some might say an "insanity check" - It can help you validate a product or service idea. It can also help you understand emerging trends and help you asses the risks to your business or product line. You can argue that Apple is winning the future by creating the Post-PC market which they dominate with the iPad. This new market is caniballizing the PC market place and even eating in to their traditional computer sales   but by by "blowing up their Enterprise" they are emerging victorious in a Post-PC world. 

There are a number of HealthCamps coming up in 2012. Check out the latest list at Currently scheduled events include:

Embrace the James T. Kirk rules of great leadership - sign up for a HealthCamp today!

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