Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Organize your job search with cloud-connected tools (@evernote @orchestra @dropbox @myen) #JHUcloud

Today I am presenting a session on the use of cloud-connected productivity apps to help people in their job search. Then I am heading to Washington DC to take part in a panel discussion at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. The panel is discussing "The Clouds Silver Lining".
These are tools I use everyday, besides Google Search and Gmail. Actually I access Gmail using my iPhone or the mac on my laptop. I don't often use the native gmail web app, unless I am working from somebody else's machine.

THe tools I find myself turning to are:


Evernote is an amazing piece of software. It is available across all the major computing, tablet and smartphone platforms. There is a major ecosystem surrounding it that creates custom apps that tap in to Evernote. The most amazing feature is the ability to search inside pictures for text. If you collect recipes this is an invaluable feature.

A great free application.


DropBox is a must have piece of software. Like Evernote there is a growing ecosystem building up around Dropbox. 2GB of storage available for free and software for all the major platforms. You can also access your files via a web browser. Dropbox is the software equivalent of a thumbdrive, but one that also works on a smartphone or tablet.

DropBox is one of the first applications I install when I get a new laptop. I then usually install 1Password from Agilebits to manage my  passwords. 1Password is available across multiple platforms and can be configured to use Dropbox as it's datastore. The combination of 1Password and Dropbox is very powerful.


Orchestra is a new web and iPhone app that is still in beta. It is like Tripit for Tasks. The real power is in the ability to forward tasks to Orchestra from email and it will setup the tasks. Just like Evernote you can include #Tags to define lists. Orchestra is simple but very powerful. You can share tasks with others, or keep them to yourself. The syncing between web and iPhone app is quick and easy. I find that most of my actions come in via email and so forwarding the email to is quick and easy.  You can do this from any device that you send and receive email on.

Here is the slide deck from my presentation and demo session:

What are the tools you find yourself turning to everyday?

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