Monday, March 26, 2012

Think Big Baltimore - Where are the Hot House Ideas? #TBBmore

I am at the University of Maryland BioPark for Think Big Baltimore to discuss the question of "Where are the Hot House Ideas?"

The event is being LiveStreamed. Unfortunately I couldn't get online to find the link.

Jason Hardebeck is the moderator for the panel.
  • Bryan Sivak, Maryland's first Chief Innovation Officer, 
  • Sarah Djamshidi ED/Chesapeake Innovation Center/President at MD Business Incubation Association, 
  • Michael Morris of Capital Studios/Heavy Seas Alehous/ Cana Development and 
  • Nick Hammond, PHD, CTO of Ablitech, Inc.

Why come to the BioPark?

Nick H:  A lot of pre-prepared deals. 

Michael M: Why Co-working at Capital Studios? 

In mid 2000's there were few options. Beehive was just getting started. There was nowhere to really meet and connect in Baltimore.

Capital Studios: 1300  Bank St, Baltimore.

Capital Studios is different from the Beehive at the ETC -which focuses on software.

The difference between an Incubator and a co-working space is the structure and support and mentoring that comes from an incubator.

Incubators - it is not about the space it is about the resources that come from the close association with other incubatees.

Brian S: Density is important. Different views in the same space. Passion and energy coupled with diversity is the key to innovation.

Incubator or Co-Working Space?

Do you know what you want to do?
Are you still developing your idea?

If you know what your business is then co-working is probably the way to go.
if you are still evolving your business then an incubator may be the way to go.

The BIOPark is an example where incubator companies can save numerous hours each week by enabling contracts to be placed with suppliers and maintain the chain of custody through the central BioPark organization. is also a great resource.

Startup Maryland initiative launches this week. Livestream will be available. 

Maryland Technology Development Corporation TEDCo - is a great resource.

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