Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baltimore Wordpress Meetup Group - The Genius bar...

This evening I am at the Baltimore Wordpress Meetup Group.

This is a Q&A Session dealing with people's issues working with Wordpress.

One issue was the stripping of codes in the Visual Wordpress Editor.

I have used TinyMCE Valid Elements that allows you to add the codes you don't want Wordpress to strip. The issue occurs when people switch between the Visual and the HTML editor.

For e-Commerce: 

Addon to Gravity Forms also offers a paypal add-on.

WooCommerce will also let you create expiring digital download links.

Prestashop.com - A standalone shopping cart - like 

How do you choose a website developer for a website you want?

It's like buying a house. What sort of house do you want?

Some fascinating discussions about how you select a developer to help you build a web site.
The issues:

- Track Record
- Trust and partnership
- Transparency

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