Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Reporting from #DCTech In Washington DC @dctechmeetup

This evening I was at the #DCTech Meetup in Washington DC. As reported by Peter Corbett of iStrategy Labs and one of the organizing team - This is the largest Tech Meetup on the Meetup platform. 

Here is the link:

Here is the Agenda - A lot of great quick fire presentations:

[7:00] Intro by Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs (@corbett3000)
[7:05] Community News
[7:10] Talk 1: DC DECIBEL by David, Julia and Alex
[7:15] Talk 2: FakeIt Until You Make it by Rebecca Thorman
[7:20] Talk 3: The Crazy Story of Doodle or Die by Dylan Green and Aaron Silverman
[7:25] Talk 4: RelayFoods by Arnie Katz
[7:30] Talk 5: Hacking Diversity in Tech by Christine Johnson
Q&A With First Group of speakers
[7:40] Talk 6: Hacking Startup PR by Navroop Mitter
[7:45] Talk 7: Fancy Lads Academy by Chris Bishop and Scott Cummings
[7:50] Talk 8: ExFed by Emily Coates
[7:55] Talk 9: SocialSamba by Cheryl Foil
Q&A With Second Group of Speakers
[8:05] Talk 10: GE Social Fridge by
 Zach Saale & Audrey Matthias
[8:10] Talk 11: Zaarly by Eric Koester
[8:15] Talk 12: SuperPowered by Jason Kende & Ben Fisher
[8:20] Q&A With Third Group of Speakers
[8:30] Open Mic
[9:00] Exit

I was tweeting from the event: Here is my TweetStream for#DCTech

 is looking great. Finalizing the arrangements for Weds 5/23 in Raleigh,NC  Are you in?

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