Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#BMoreTechB: Baltimore Tech Breakfast

This morning on the last Wednesday of the month is Baltimore Tech Breakfast. This is the largest regular tech meetup in the Baltimore area.

624 Members of the Meetup. 

Hot News - Looking at starting a Columbia Tech Breakfast. Watch out for August!

Open Range Video: Cisco estimates that Internet video users will grow over next 4 years from just under 800 million to 1.6 Billion..

Macromoltek -

$806M and 15 years to bring a drug to market. 

6.5 years in Discovery, 8.5 years in development

Saving 10% saves significant time and money.

Macromoltek is developing computational tools to assist in drug discovery. Mathematical solutions to help the Biologic Therapeutics market. This is a fast growing (13%) market place.

Focused on Antibody and Antigen molecular simulations.

Their service provides back-end calculations. Also has a javascript tool to help visualize the simulations in a web browser.

The complex algorithms are written in C#. Took about 1 year to code using a team of 3. Architect, coder and scientific algorithm developer.

Hahler -

The social drinkers network. A virtual liquor store. 


This looks like Pinterest for alcohol. Twitter integration is built in.. 

This needs some Pinterest visual love. It could also do with some Geo Location input. Needs to be a mobile App a la

Virtual "Send A Drink" is coming. Also contests. Instagram integration.

First focus is working out how to get people using the system.

How does Hahler handle age verification - uses Facebook and other sources.

Untapped is focused on craft beers. Hahler is more targeted to hard liquor and wine users.

80,000 drinks in the database. Proceeding with web development before going mobile.

Authntk -

Len Ostroff - CEO and Co-Founder

A social video marketing platform.

"Video is the new text"

Video is more engaging and convincing.

Authntk captures the customer's passion.
92% of consumers trust earned media.

Create a campaign. Set controls over how long people can capture video for.  Allow users to upload a video or record with their webcam.

Also releasing a mobile video. This allows clients to capture their customer's excitement at the point of engagement in the field.

Embed codes allow you to deploy video to any site (after video moderation by the client)

SAS business - pricing ranges from $80 - $400  per month.

Built on Amazon platform.

Next release will include download options so you can export your videos if you stop using the service.

Developing specific offerings for Automotive and Real Estate industries.


A simple way to plan and manage a project.
Web based simple alternative to Microsoft Project.
Based around Task lists

MS-Project - Complicated, expensive and hard to share.

TeamGantt is simple, collaborative and web-based.
Offers iCal Outlook and Google Calendar integration.

Daily email updates.

Beta launch in November 2010. 

Not looking at Agile - Large number of companies still using Gantt charts for planning.

Currently have about 1000 customers - $10 - $79 per month.

FireJack Technologies -

Benjamin Miller - CEO & Founder.

Platform as a Service offering - Open Flame Platform.

Open Flame supports Google, Twitter and Facebook login.

Build open deployable web applications that are mobile ready.

Automatically generates a RESTful API and documentation. Impressive!

Completely built on Open Source technologies.
$2,000 for annual license upwards. License for transaction volumes.

Also provides hosting.

The console is REST and SOAP enabled.

Provides Consulting services to allow people to go from concept to reality in under 30 days.

Terrance MacGregor - 

Commute Better Now!  Understand the true cost of your commute. 

Commuting has all sorts of impacts that are not put in to a value context.

Cowtrip has launched an ability to match users for carpooling.

Want to look at integration with job opportunities.

Developing the concept of a company dashboard. 
Android only App.

Suggestions from the audience: 
- Carpooling for kids - promote to schools?
- Link to real estate - promote concept of satellite offices.
- Integration for job sites.
- Carpooling for business parks (cross company integration)

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