Monday, June 04, 2012

#hcdc healthcare #healthdata @unclenate runs Do It Ourself

Nate DiNiro leads a do it ourself session taking the lead from our HealthFoo experience.

Leonard Kish talks about the need for convergent approach - a care quality framework.

How do we deal with the proliferation of apps.

@dcdsve - balsamiq

Build a mockup toolkit for patient advocates - Consumer centric semantic inter-operability framework.

Patient- centric life long longitudinal care plan.

A microform at for a patient generated care plan

- capture patient objectives

Equivalent of hrecipe for care plans

Capture aspirational goals. Can be leveraged by doctors to tailor care plans.

Check out trello for collaborative organization.

Aspirational goals are difficult to quantify.

Patient centric
Open enablement platform
Bottom up not top down

Mark Scrimshire
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