Wednesday, June 06, 2012

#HealthData ActionBeats, EPA, Archimedes IndiGO, Medgle, Cancer Survival Query System

EPA announces a challenge. MyAir MyHealth Challenge.

Helping those who are vulnerable to air pollution.

Develop a personal wearable sensor that can also monitor environment and health indicators. 

EPA-HHS My Air, My Health Developer Challenge
Glenn Paulson, Science Advisor to the EPA Administrator
Linda S. Birnbaum, Director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health; Director, National Toxicology Program

Tom Goetz - My radar goes off - combining personal data, population data, geo spatial data. That's where really interesting stuff happens.

Individualized Guidelines: Indigo

The problem: current guidelines are clunky. Designed for groups and not individuals. 

Designed for one risk factor. 

basically too simplistic.

IndiGO is based on Archimedes Model. Individualized Guidelines and outcomes.

Patient-Physician decision making.

This afternoon the ACO Session will look at IndiGO for Prioritized outreach.

MEDgle - Ash Damle

The world is demanding hyper-personalization. 

How to personalize care decisions at scale.

Personalized Care Decisions: 

140 Million Data points in the MEDgle platform.

Impressive demonstration of hyper-personalized care diagnosis and that this can be delivered via SMS messaging if required.

MEDgle has a restful API.

Cancer Survival Query System (CSQS) - National Cancer Institute

Two views of a patient (but no view from the patient?)
- Cancer specialist
- Internist

Currently covers:
- Colorectal
- Prostate

Kaiser Permanente is collaborating to trial this platform.

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