Tuesday, June 05, 2012

#HealthData Community Dashboards

A series of demos from Miami, Ohio, North Carolina and New York State.

Dashboards bring together health data, community data and enable understanding of the determinants of health.

Health Landscape, LLC has created the Community Indicators Data Portal.

HealthLandscape.org has a really nice geo app that allows drill down using local data.

In New York State a church initiative tracks blood pressure. The information is tracked on cards.

Dossia was implemented to store Health Data. Piloted in 5 churches.

The Community Dashboard is provided by NexJ. (it was a shame that the demo failed. It would have been good to see the Health Tracker and community dashboards.

University of Rochester is using Artificial Intelligence to monitor Twitter to identify health related tweets and discover people who are sick.
By aggregating and tracking over time they can create heat maps for sickness. 

Interesting possibilities when mapping known pollutants with the heatmap of sickness. 

By tracking social networks they can track the impact of friends of friends on health. 

Looking at Maryland - Howard County is healthiest and Baltimore City is the least healthy.

A cool development is the ability to build a roadmap to better community health.
1.7M visitors since 2010. 

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