Wednesday, June 06, 2012

#HealthData Food and Health Tech

Shayla Bailey, Web Manager, Agriculture Marketing Service, USDA
Steven Carlson, Associate Administrator, Office of Research Analysis, Communications, and Strategic Support, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA
Amanda Eamich, Director of Web Communications, USDA
Danielle Gould, Founder and CEO, Food and Tech Connect
Andrew Rosenthal, Massive Health

Nutrition Database - 7906 items. 

MyPlate - driving healthy food choices. has a widget for food safety.

We didn't get to look at the Food Desert Locator.

Steven Carlson

Food and Nutrition Service - $100M budget.
Run Food stamp and other nutrition support services.

FNS is about moving money through state agencies and local government to help people with benefits.

Policy Research and Analytics - Data User and Data Generator

The Food environment Atlas -

Get a spatial overview of a communities ability to access healthy food.

It is disappointing that the USDA Food Atlas has current data as of 2009 with a little data from 2010.

Shayla Bailey

Agriculture Marketing Service. Business focused. Manage USDA Prime logo.

Certifiers of National Organic Products via 3rd party certifiers.

A Farmers Market Directory:

Market News, Wholesale and retail pricing data.
The Datamart will export to XML.

Danielle Gould - Food and Tech Connect

A consumer of USDA data.

"Hacking the Food System".

"Open Food"

"Free-to-use" UPC.

"Fooducate gets a shout out as a user of the USDA Nutrition database.

"Yummly" Food Processor.  Recipe site.

What is the wishlist for Food and Health Dats:

- Expand coverage of foods, including nutrition
- Incorporate CPG Nutrition data
- Definitive ingredient typing for health
- Farmshed data
- Standardize commercial items
- Update Food Nutrition database
- Update serving sizes to reflect current portion sizes.

We need to link food with health.  Open APIs are critical.

Andrew Rosenthal - Massive Health 

Massive Health is a health engagement company.

Making products that people love to use.

The Eatery - take photos of your food

Crowd sourcing data is a pretty effective mechanism.

Eatery Scores compared to US Obesity Rates

Pretty good correlation between eatery data and official obesity reported data.

Defining what you eat improves your health.

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