Tuesday, June 05, 2012

#HealthData HealthData.gov launched - Key takeaway: Linked NOT Centralized

HealthData.gov is a marketplace. It houses meta data and not the data itself.

George Thomas is looking out over a packed room.

Drupal7 and built on EC2 (for workflow and community engagement)

CKAN (From UK) on demand resources (RESTful API and feeds
Solr for Search.

Github.com/hhs for code repository. This will be a published code base.

Testament to the open source community. The platform they are using was customized by the open source community at minimal cost.

Agile development project.

1st Call January 15th.
Project kick-off in May.
Launched on June 4th.

Agile reduces risk and not increase it. SCRUM-based, What did you do. What will you do today. What is blocking you.

hub.healthdata.gov/api/rest/dataset to find everything (http: GET)

Get individual data as JSON, XML, RDF.

Get data as Atom Feed

Homework: Google Knowledge Graph. GKG provides links between things not strings. ie. How one thing is related to another. E.g. Washington DC is named after George Washington.

Every thing has a unique identity: A URI. URI's can be linked.

Open Health Knowledge Graph:

Sindice Search hospital class: http://health.data.gov/doc/hospital/.....

HealthData.gov has an open knowledge graph that is a fully RESTful API.

6B "Triples" on HealthData.gov

Bringing social curation to create further relationships.

i2 Challenges:
- Improve the integration and liquidity of data made available

Round 1:
- Domain specific
-- Metadata:
Requests the application of existing voluntary consensus standards for metadata common to all open government data.

-- New designs for metadata standards that don't exist.

WebID-based SSO:
- Great to see single sign on being included in the scope of challenges.

Turtle is JSON like. Key/Value pairs. Turtle is the new JSON where value pairs are things and NOT strings.

Big Message. This is not about Standardizing datasets or data structures. It is about relating different datasets and data structures so that we can equate those differing data sets.

The traditional method of taking a long time and a lot of money to define a standard that then takes years to implement is no longer suitable for this fast moving world. We need a decentralized approach.

#Healthdata. @georgethomas: Key message from HealthData.gov approach is "linked" and NOT "Centralized"

"Data is just data. You can't eat it. Data is only useful when it is applied."

The goal is to generate improvements in health - improve people's lives. Data is the fuel for that.

95% of entrepreneurs didn't know what the Department of Health and Human Services did!

There is still an ongoing education process to make people aware of the data that is available.

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