Tuesday, June 05, 2012

#Healthdata: More Demos inc. Humetrix iBlueButton

Castlight Health: Know the cost before you go.

Humetrix are demonstrating iBlueButton. Download BlueButton health data to your smartphone. 

iBlueButton is a consumer-mediated Exchange of health information.

Very cool import and export of data. Non-proprietary apps can integrate with iBlueButton through importing and exporting.

My Cancer Genome

www.MyCancerGenome.org - making cancer data more accessible. Linking to clinical trials from clinicaltrials.gov

flornce.  mHealthCoach.

Cardiac Recovery Kit to reduce readmissions and promote speedy recovery.

Inpatient module.
 Integrates with Pill box and other APIs

A bedside iPad with an app. Answers the most frequent questions from Patients. 
Also an e-reader (nook color) that is pre-loaded with information for the patient to take home.

My Drug Costs.

MyDrugCosts.com - real time drug cost comparison.

Combine National Library of Medicine data with US DFA, Health Plans, Employers data to present relevant information.

Scanavert- Mobile service that alerts consumers to harmful content in food products. 

Fill out a profile to indicate drugs used or allergies.

Scan a product bar code and receive alerts if ingredients conflict with medications or allergies.

Scanavert has a number of prepared profiles. Gluten-Free is one of the top profiles.

Fascinating demonstration of crowd sourced information based upon use.


Craig Monson - Dr. Google is contributing to Cybercondria

Symcat guides people through symptoms to suggest likely problems.

Guiding you from Symptoms to Solutions. 

There is a web app and an API to enable integration in to other Health Portals.

Symcat uses data from CDC, Medline Plus. National Provider Index. Google Places, Aligning Forces for Quality.
Facebook is used to collect data from providers.

There is plenty of data out there you need to be ingenious in stitching it together.

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