Thursday, June 07, 2012

#HealthData #NASAHealth Phil Fasano kicks off mHealth Smart Media and Health Workshop @kptotalhealth

I am at the Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health for the NASA Health and Performance Center Workshop.

Jeff Davis welcomes the attendees to the workshop.

This is Day 6 of the DC Health Data and Innovation Week. Five of the week's events have taken place at the Center.

Phil Fasano, EVP and CIO of Kaiser Permanente. Phil is the person who was inspired to build the Center For Total Health as a resource for the community.

Mobile is a critical addition to Health Care.  

Consumer-Driven Health Care - Mobile access for mobile patients.

Health Care is a topic that is dominating many conversations. 

Mobile is just table stakes for KP but is aspirational for the industry.

- Mobile Health
- TeleHealth
- Tablets

KP is piloting televisits for Physical Therapy and Dermatology. 
30% reduction in Dermatology referrals. 
Dermatology is number 1 rated speciality for patient access (due to telehealth capabilities)
Allows instant referral during a primary care visit.

1,500 iPads are being piloted around KP.

3.3M visits to in just a few months.

The general Mobile experience, particularly the app experience, are shaping consumer expectations in profound ways.

Digital Health is a convergence of capabilities that empower consumers to manage their health on their own terms. This will profoundly redefine the patient/care giver relationship.

Having your health record available whenever you are receiving health services should be a right and not a privilege.

Digital Health is the convergence of the Internet, Mobile, Social and Voice.

KP Mobile Access: 
- Health Record
- Secure email to your doctor
- Appointments
- Prescriptions
- Health Plan info
- Facility location
- Department and contact info
- Track and share fitness progress
- Health News

295,000 downloads since Feb 2012.

The latest App release in the last 30 days has already had 75,000 downloads.

KP aims for reviews of 4 stars or higher to understand if they have hit the mark with members an consumers.

If you worry about the cost of technology when considering the future of Health - Don't forget Moore's Law

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