Saturday, June 02, 2012

#HealthData #WOTN Dr. Robert Post talking about

Dr. Robert Post, Deputy Director, USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Empowering consumers to build a Healthy Plate.

33M page views since launch last year.

800,000 registered users on SuperTracker since December 2011 launch.

- increase intake of fruits and vegetables
- Reduce intake of solid fats and added sugars and sodium
- Replace empty calories with nutrient-dense foods and beverages

- Motivate and empower consumers to make better food choices.

Jesse Gibbons - Product Owner for CarePass, Aetna.

Jesse is talking about the CarePass Developer Portal: This is a brand new site, launched on June 1st, 2012.

Convenience and Quality are absolutely related. 

A major developer challenge is being launched on Tuesday June 5th.

Next up: Dr. Alan Greene

In 1985 many states didn't even track levels of obesity.

1991 was a watershed year.

Today (2010) most states are over 20% obesity and continues to rise.

Today we are now seeing Children with blood pressure problems. 2/3 of middle and High school students have obesity issues.

Obesity is a symptom of how America: Eats, moves and sleep.

in the Age group 2-18 kids are eating 

#3 Soda
French Fries are the only vegetable. 
Apple Juice is the only juice.

Adults: Vegetables are French Fries and no fruits.

We are lacking Nutritional Intelligence

Big space/opportunity to recognize what you are eating. 

Pay attention to the food you recommend.

Food Desserts. Are an issue. How can you recognize healthy food on the run eg. In airports or on the road.

We have to hack food choices.

Alan tells the story of Banana eating cats that influenced their kittens to eat bananas.


Kids change behavior based on images they trust. For adults this influence is driven by Celebrities.

2.3 bites per minute v 3.5 bites per minute. Slowing down our eating can help us lose weight.

Timing for Food Decisions is critical. We plan ahead better but fail at instant decisions (e.g. we get persuaded by the smell of the french fries in front of us.

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