Thursday, June 07, 2012

#NASAHealth @Todd_Park closes the day @KPtotalHealth

Todd Park getting people to think about the potential for Health Data in the USA

Big Health Data could add $450B of Value to the economy, regardless of the quality of life it delivers to the citizens of the USA.

Learning from NOAA...

- Put the data out there
- Provide the APIs
- Have a physical meeting

Todd loves the People Mashup - It is what does!

Todd has lined up questions to pose to the group.

A little frustrated about applying data and people assuming the answer is an app. It may be a service.

Data may be a method for market transparency and create competition.

Todd wants to know about hardware. Who should he talk to.

I seemed to kick up a storm of discussion when I mentioned the issue of Hugo Campos and his quest to gain access to the data generated by the cardia defibrillator that is implanted in his chest.

Todd is on a quest to spread the NOAA and Health ethos of data sharing to other parts of Government. There is now a green button for Energy and an emerging Green Button for Cars.
95% of entrepreneurs don't know the data that is available from HHS.

And a great point made by a friend about how Maryland prevents Genetic Testing. Basically because individuals shouldn't have a better insight in to their risks than the insurers.

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