Tuesday, June 05, 2012

ONC Consumer/Patient stream at #HealthData

I am sitting in the ONC session that is consumer sponsored.

This session has:

- American Nursing Informatics

- Tiffany
- Dr. AlanGreene

How many nurses have a Personal Health Record?

3.1 Million Nurses.

Supporting the ONC in the Health IT Pledge.
The Pledge from nurses will encourage patients to use Personal Health Record tools and lead by example.

Sr. Alan Greene:

It is time for Health Professionals to touch patients as equals.
Patients should be able to give feedback to their doctors without being fearful of the implications.

Seal.participatorymedicine.org is in open beta.

To get the pledge:

1. Health Data in the hands of Patients and their caregivers
2. Get feedback from patients.
3. Resources in the hands of patients.
4. Encourage active participation

Receivers of Care also commit to some viral steps that encourage propagation.

Livestrong: Giving the Patient a Voice.

10,000 patients - They want their providers to be sharing their data with each other - without putting patients in position of jumping through hoops.

97% want to see providers do a better job.
96% want to be able to share data back
87% want to see the same data that their providers do.

58% strongly agree that they be able to donate information anonymously.

Presentation is important.

Coordinated Care is a recurrent theme.

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