Sunday, July 01, 2012

Baby steps towards Triple Aim HealthCare Kaizen (#3xAim)

Mark Graban and Joseph Swartz have published a book on Healthcare Kaizen.

Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements

Kaizen is a continuous Improvement methodology. It encourages small, incremental improvements that lead to improved processes, better outcomes and reduced costs. This is exactly what the Triple Aim is all about and this book provides a guide that can empower anybody involved in Health Care to make a difference in achieving the Triple Aim.

The Triple Aim:

  1. Improving the Experience of Care
  2. Improving the Health of Populations
  3. Reducing Per Capita Costs of Health Care

There is a lot of talk about the Triple Aim and indeed there is a lot of action but one of the big challenges we see is that the problems appear to be so enormous that as individuals we feel powerless to make an impact. 

Healthcare Kaizen is an approach to put the power to improve healthcare in the hands of the front line staff. 



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