Thursday, September 06, 2012

One voice can change the world - Join in at #HCBOS #HCKC #HCSFBay

I was driving home this evening listening to C-SPAN and caught the story of "Fired Up and Ready to Go!" a story about how one voice can change the world.

It makes you think about the power of a single voice.

What really touches a chord for me is when I think back to the origins of in 2008. We started with a few people in a room but the idea of empowering health care engagement caught people's attention.  From those humble beginnings HealthCamp has grown. It has grown not by large donations from companies (although we would not refuse those offers) - No - the drive has been from a wonderful community of participants. People have gotten involved and built a comraderie that survives long beyond the event. 


So, you can get fired up and redy to go! Together we can change health care for the better.

When I look at BlueButton and offshoot ideas like Rainbow Button and the friendships and partnerships that have sprung up from connections made at HealthCamps around the country and around the world I know that we can make change happen.

Next week HealthCamp takes another step. We have added a last minute HealthCamp event. On Monday September 10th the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is hosting a summit at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC and we had a request to help them organize un-conference sessions as part of the event. How could we refuse? So I have been able to reorganize my crazy schedule in order to help the ONC at their summit. 

So if you have a ticket to the event and are planning to be there on Monday (The event is fully subscribed) come and get involved in the discussions that will be taking place. For more information about the overall agenda check out:

The Consumer Health IT kicks off a crazy few weeks where we have 4 events taking place. You can still grab a ticket for the other events. So go ahead. Add your voice. Join in and help us change the world.

We still have opportunities for sponsors to support these events. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure with passionate and connected thought leaders in and around Health Care. At the last in June the event generated over 3 million tweet impressions.

So Add your Voice. Let's Change the world by empowering Health Citizen's everywhere.