Thursday, October 25, 2012

#Health2STAT in Bethesda. Great to see @kaitbroe @lostonroute66 and many more. Thanks to @Aquilent for their efforts hosting this event

This evening I am at #Health2STAT at the Barking Dog in Bethesda. This should be another lively evening. We have a series of rapid fire 5 minute presentations.

If you are interested in future STAT events then check out Meetup.com

@MikeTock starts by talking about the support work @Aquilent does to support the Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health

I am interested to hear from Jim Blaigaich talking about "What Type of Cloud?"

3) NCATS in the Cloud

 Jim Blagaich has been the CIO at the National Center for Advancing Translation Sciences (NCATS) since Dec. 2011. He provides the technology vision and leadership in the development and governance of the NCATS information technology (IT) program. He has 20 years of experience in Federal information technology operations and planning. Prior to the establishment of the NCATS, he was the CIO at the National Center for Research Resources since April, 2008. He held a position at the Center for Scientific Review (CSR), where he led the Planning, Policy, and Budgeting efforts.  Before joining the CSR, he was a Defense Information Manager, Access to Care, ASD (HA) TRICARE, where he managed enrollment, care authorization, health survey, and patient appointment-related software applications for 150+ hospitals. In addition, he has 7 years' experience in implementing hospital information systems and telemedicine applications. He holds s an MBA from Frostburg University (2006).

National Center for Advancing Transitional Services (NCATS) advance the development, testing and implementation of diagnostics and Therapeutics.

Accelerating transition of Research to the bedside.

Launched a site in 6 weeks. Purpose was to communicate the role of NCATS to the public.

They faced a lot of opposition: Our hosting is better, it will cost more and it is not secure. 
They overcame all of that.

Now NCATS uses Amazon Web Services.
Use Active Directory - but not as simple as they expected.

Things to learn when experimenting in the cloud:
- Organization opposition and pain points
- Cost
- Security Policies
- Network Configuration 
- Performance

Experiment in the cloud on a low impact system.