Thursday, November 08, 2012

#Sandy response let's help @unclenate / @healthcarewen /@faircaremd by Working together. It's what we do.

Nate DiNiro is trying to pull together  some "digital volunteer" resources for #Sandy response; believe me that things are not completely under control.
Nate Has been working on coordinating crisis response to healthcare and long-term care since Friday. 

He could use some folks who can volunteer some time to curate resources, validate info, coordinate resources, etc... He has been working with Wen Dombrowski and Alex Fair to potentially coordinate come additional hackathons and a NYC CrisisCamp.

I am passing on Nate's message and urging the HealthCamp community to see if we can get more volunteers...

Hey Friends,

Humanity Road is partnering with CrisisCommons to fulfill a request from Federal response agencies to collect operational status information from Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Please share your contact information if you're willing to volunteer time to support maintenance of an up-to-date list and map of Hospital and Long-Term Care facilities.

Please email if you have any questions... Thanks!

This information is being captured for the sole purpose of coordinating volunteers, it will not be used in any other way.