Friday, December 06, 2013

#healthfoo kicks off today

It is early Friday morning (December 6th) and I am on a flight to Boston to attend my second #healthfoo. I have been on a crazy health IT project for the last 15 months and this weeks is a wonderful chance to recharge the innovation batteries and re-connect with some of the leading visionaries in health care.

For the un-initiated Healthfoo is a 3 day un-conference focused on healthcare innovation that is organized by Tim O’Reilly and the teams from O’Reilly Media and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The event takes place in Cambridge, MA at the Microsoft NERD Campus.

I am looking forward to re-connecting with the many friends I have made in my health care innovation journey. This weekend should be just as amazing as previous and healthfoo events. It is a wonderful thing to see brilliant minds collaborate and spark off each other’s ideas. With the mix of technologists, innovators, doctors, patients, health privacy experts and business leaders coming together to mind meld there are sure to be some great conversations that will be the catalyst for change that ultimately leads to better healthcare.

The event is a different kind of intensity to that of the daily work challenges many of us face and as such it is a great way to recharge the creative juices and re-commit to the work we are engaged in because one thing that ties all of the Participants together at Healthfoo (and at is the passion to make a difference in delivering better health care and better health to our communities.

My deepest thanks go to Tim O’Reilly and the team for including
Me in this very special event.

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