Friday, March 21, 2014

@DonFluckinger highlights an emerging Health IT Trend

In SearchHealthIT’s article by Dan Fluckinger: CIOs: Thinking about getting out of the healthcare data center business? Dan really hits on an IT Trend that I see emerging quickly. I have spent the last 18 months building Health IT products that will truly run in the cloud. The benefits of this are enormous. From leveraging the power of the network to having the ability to scale to meet demand. There are real benefits to utilizing the cloud.

From the IT perspective the simple economics still appear to be that buying servers is more cost effective than buying a service. However, the costs of Health IT is not in the hardware. The real cost of Health IT is in the compliance and governance controls that are needed in order to secure, monitor and audit Protected Health Information (PHI) and the personnel and services that need to access that information.

I think Dan is on to a trend here. I believe that we will see Service Providers, whether the EHR vendors, or specialized vendors, like move up the food chain by providing the suite of compliance services that make running PHI-laden applications in the Cloud easier to do.

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