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Baltimore #Techbreakfast – Apr 30,2014 @switchnote,@triblio,ReadAhead, @allovuellc,@playmakeme

I am at DLA Piper for the Baltimore TechBreakfast. You can find out about these events at

8:20 – ~9:30 – Showcases and Shout-Outs!

  1. SwitchNote – Drew Wagner
  2. MakeMe – V. Rao Dumpeti
  3. Peabody Conservatory/Johns Hopkins University: Read Ahead – Travis Hardaway
  4. Allovue: Balance – Jess Gartner
  5. Triblio – jason jue

~9:30 – end – Final “Shout Outs” & Last Words

You can see my notes from other TechBreakfast events here:

switchnote – presented by Drew Wagner

Switchnote incentivized students to share content. The platform uses a token exchange method to encourage sharing. Uploading earns tokens which can be used to download other content.
They have also established partnerships that allow tokens to be exchanged for discounts and deals.

Users earn tokens by referring friends and when people download your content.
A user starts with 15 tokens. Users can buy tokens.

Triblio – presented by Jason Jue helps marketers create compelling content. They are based in Reston,VA.
The platform helps to optimize content. Find content matched to personae. Allow you to share the content they are interested in. You can schedule sharing for a future date.

Target audience are content marketers.
Revenue is based on monthly subscription with an annual commitment.

ReadAhead – presented by Travis Hardaway & Ken Johansen

An iPad app to help musicians improve their sight-reading of written music. The app is designed for piano students. This is the ability to play a piece of music you haven’t seen before. The need is to read ahead by several seconds.

Developed at Peabody.

The app trains vision and short term memory.

Allovue – presented by Jess Gartner

A resource planning platform targeted at K-12 schools. Helping schools and districts make better use of $612B annual budget.

Allovue extracts raw financial data and visualizes the information to enable better planning and decisions. The system can set alerts on individual accounts, eg. When approaching a spending limit.

Allovue automates the extract and filtering of financial data. Enables forecasting which can help plan ahead for budget freezes and other financial changes.

Allovue can map spending to teaching objectives.
“ERP for EdTech”

Most states and large urban districts use Oracle or Lawson ERP suites.

MakeMe – Presented by V.Rao Dumpeti

Rao presented at the Columbia TechBreakfast. So this is a repeat presentation covered in my earlier post:

A photo sharing, messenger and social game app.
The idea is that achievement is a team sport. MakeMe is a social motivation app. You jointly set goals and consequences in the form of a game. This is messaging with a purpose for very small groups.
The app is available now in the iOS App Store. An android version will follow in the summer.

Dateline: Baltimore – April 30, 2014.

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