Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Columbia #tech_breakfast

I am at Loyola in Columbia for the monthly Tech Breakfast ( ). The companies presenting this morning are:

HeatMap, Trikke, MakeMe,, FiscalNote Prophecy

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Presented by Max Mathieu

Understanding your user’s intent in real time.

This product literally shows heat maps of what your users are clicking on your web site.
This looks like a powerful tool to use alongside A/B testing.

Already working on 500 sites.
Pricing starts at $100/month.
Installs as simple JavaScript code on your page on domains you control.
It doesn’t work with third party sites.
An interesting demo of broadcast Audi sent to iPhones. An example would be for a drive-in movie. A mass audio broadcast technology using ios web browsers (safari or chrome). The service requires fast internet (wifi or 4G).

A patented method to keep audio in sync across cell phones. The latest enhancement is to allow it to be synced to video.

Presented by V.Rao Dumpeti
A photo sharing, messenger and social game app.
The idea is that achievement is a team sport. MakeMe is a social motivation app. You jointly set goals and consequences in the form of a game. This is messaging with a purpose for very small groups.
The app is available now in the iOS App Store. An android version will follow in the summer.

Presented by Martin Levine
A platform for communities with shared interests.
Currently in public beta. Find or create communities.

Presented by Arthur Karell
Predictive Analytics for legislation in real time.
Predict government action and manage political risk.
Hitting 94% accuracy in predicting the passage of a bill.
Federal or state legislation is covered.

Data is scraped from government web sites.
Capturing 200,000 pieces of legislation each year.

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