Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Patient Engagement and Health Standards and the start of @Medyears

Today I am heading to Northern Virginia for meetings. On the agenda will be topics such as Health Standards and the Transformation underway in Healthcare. Consequently I thought it would be a good day to wear one of my Walking Gallery Jackets.

This jacket is one of two jackets painted for me by Regina Holiday as part of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare. The theme of this jacket came from a day at HIMSS in 2012. I was speaking there on Patient Engagement and after following Dr. Regina Benjamin, then the Surgeon General, and Regina Holiday you have to make an impact since they are incredibly engaging speakers. One of the themes I used in my talk was The “AEIOU of Patient Engagement.” I wanted to leave the audience with some simple guidelines for embracing Patient Engagement in Healthcare. Hence, AEIOU

  • Actionable
  • Easy
  • Immediate
  • Open
  • Unobtrusive

When I found this jacket on a trip to New York I asked Regina to paint it with the AEIOU of Patient Engagement.

After my presentation I also met Panha Chheng the founder of Personiform and I am still advising Medyear as they build the first Personal Health Network. The technical Term Du Jour is “Consumer-Mediated Exchange.” What a mouthful. Basically Medyear is putting in to practice my recommendations. Medyear is built using the emerging BlueButton and Direct Project standards. It puts the member in charge of their Health information. Allowing them to consolidate information from multiple sources in to a timeline that they control. It then provides simple, but very powerful controls to allow them to share their health information at a very granular level with whomever they choose, for as long as they choose.

Medyear has come a long way since that first meeting with Panha. The Medyear platform has been built on Sqrrl to provide strong, atomic level security. This is essential for Medyear to give our members the granular security control to individual entries their timeline. I have been working with the Sqrrl team to put together a webinar about building Healthcare applications securely in the Cloud. I will post more details soon.

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