Monday, June 02, 2014

#HDPalooza Bob Kocher “55% of health care is administrative”

Bob Kocher

It is nonsense that we don’t have dynamic pricing in healthcare.

Medicare has released more data in the last 5 years than they have in the previous 50 years.

#Bryan Sivak, CTO of HHS

More healthcare startups have emerged in last 5 years than in previous 20.

We are on the path to a family being able to manage their health with their physician.

Health Data Palooza is for serendipitous connections. It values the differences of perspectives.

Embracing Controversy

A visceral campaign trashing technology in Healthcare. Let’s get together and work through this.

The Challenge: Keep progress going. Embrace the hard conversations.

Dr Elliott Fisher, Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy

Dr Fisher is one of the originators of the Accountable Care Organization concept.

Our children’s future depends on how well we work together to solve big problems:

  • The rising cost of healthcare is robbing education, transport infrastructure and other critical public issues.

The rising cost of healthcare is the big debt carried by the US Government.

The relationship between quality and spending: tenuous at best….

We can improve care AND reduce costs.

210,000 die from avoidable medical errors in Hospital.EACH YEAR.

88% of patients undergoing stent operation think it will improve survival. This is untrue. It may reduce pain but doesn’t reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. People/Patients need access to
reliable, accurate information.

Half of Pharma studies are not released. Those that are usually demonstrate benefits. We need to publish ALL trial results.

Great example of swedish dialysis unit that was re-designed by Patients. 60% of patients there perform their own dialysis. They can exercise while doing dialysis. They have also reduced transmission of bacteria between patients.

Spending = Price x Volume

The top Medicare doctor was paid $21M per year.

Hospitals have demonstrated that they can reduce cost while improving care.

Once hospital has applied the Toyota Lean Manufacturing process to improve delivery and reduce cost.

Whose Money is is anyway?

Measures – Total Cost of Care, Quality.

Measure for Episodes and Populations

Public Reporting to improve transparency

Move to Global Payment (The idea behind ACOs)

ACOs have grown from 21 in 2009 to 600+ in 2014. This is a real change in the marketplace.

New solutions are emerging out of the Safety Net services.

Remote technology and a focus on the Patient’s objectives can lead to dramatic reductions in Health Care Cost.

“Wouldn’t you rather be able to Skype with your doctor?”

Mark Scrimshire
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