Monday, June 02, 2014

#HDPalooza Karen Ignagni #AHP

  1. The reality of Patient Centered cAre
  2. Structural Changes to make progress to next level

Who are today’s cutting edge innovators in the Health System today?

Health Plans are not number 1 on that list.

Health Plans are restructuring the payment system.

  • Changing Supply Side
  • Changing the Benefits Plans

The only entity that has line of sight to where patients go through all encounters.
[Ed Note: - Doesn't this ignore the Over The counter health activity of patients]


We need to think about a more uniform licensing approach to support inter-state use of Telemedicine.

Patients with Advanced Care Needs

We need to reconcile Medicare and Medicaid to simplify access to care in the last year(s) of life.


Dis-connected Clinical Data sets.

Challenges are more complex. We now add Claims and experiential data.

We need to analyze and knit together. Crucial for effectiveness assessment. Clinical Trials etc.


We need sustainability to support on going innovation.

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