Tuesday, June 03, 2014

#HDPalooza @susannahfox introduces Kathleen Sibelius – HHS

Kathleen Sibelus is greeted by a standing ovation.

“The information Oligarchy at HHS has morphed in to an OpenData Democracy.”

Health Data Palooza started as a small group with a big idea.

The core idea is if Government with lots of data remove the barriers to innovation by releasing data this will create new businesses and even new industries.

Information is the tool. Imagination is the vehicle of transformation.

In 2009 only 1 in 8 hospitals used EMRs. We were in the depths of the worst recession in a generation.

HHS is a $1T operation with 90,000 employees.

Todd Park came in from Private sector to drive innovation.

The objective was to release data to empower new solutions. The idea was to be able to use data to power policy and decisions. It would also allow patients to own their own data and manage their own care.

Medicare and Medicaid insures 100M people.

All HHS agencies collect health data. – A treasure Trove of data that was opaque and unavailable.

A lot was “Lazy data”. Information was locked away and difficult or impossible to access.
This was not unique for HHS – It was common in all areas of government and in private sector organizations.

“If you have always done it that way you are probably doing it wrong”

HHS is converting Lazy data and making it ACTIVE data.

Personal information was stripped to preserve privacy.

Now more than 1,000 data sets have been released.

The Open.FDA.gov release of adverse outcome events is an enormous step forward.

80% of patients will choose high-performing providers when they have the quality information available.

In 2014 we are past the tipping point where more hospitals use EMRs rather than paper.

Don’t mistake a lack of speed for a lack of stability. The President and HHS is committed to the reforms that have been implemented. Forward progress will and MUST continue.

The Apps we develop can change the fate of Humanity.

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