Tuesday, June 03, 2014

#HDPalooza @susannahfox introducing speakers for day 3 and @vkhosla

Susannah Fox introduces Vinod Khosla.

“I may be wrong on the specifics but I may be directionally right.”

50% of MDs are below average (median)

human doctors have cognitive limitations and biases.

In some studies cognitive factors are a source of errors 74% of the time.

The Practice of Medicine needs to evolve to the Science of Medicine.

machines are more effective at integrative medicine.

We will see clumsy point innovations insighted by machine learning leading to discovers.

V0 Disease Therapy: Don’t prescribe meds, prescribe apps

V3/V4: Data driven discovery of new clinical guidelines

Data to insights will generate new opportunities for Pharma.
Using the genome to develop new drug targeting.

V7 Medicine:

Imaging and Diagnostics ny algorithms
Online and mobile

5X Speculation:

- Reduction in doctor work
- increase in research

Human + Machine is more powerful than Humans or Machines only.

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