Monday, June 02, 2014

#HDPAlooza @ToddPark takes the stage! The father of OpenHealth Data

Great to see Todd Park, CTO of USA, at the Palooza.

There has never been a better time to be involved in Healthcare innovation.

We have to harness the power of data for better health.

In 2009 only 1 in 8 hospitals used an EHR.

Now 9 in 10 hospitals have applied for incentives for EHR-based incentives.

Patients ability to get their own data: The BlueButton movement is a phenomenon.

More than 500 organizations have pledged their support.

Tens of millions of patients have acces to VA and CMS data.
CVS and Walgreens provide BlueButton access to pharmacy data. That is 40% of the retail market.

Patients have a RIGHT to their health data – in electronic form. is a vast resource of government open health data.

Over 100,000 data sets available from Federal and State organizations.

FDA launches today. A Public access platform through an API. Information will be added soon for product recalls.

NIH is still pioneering Open Science. Making Federal Science reports will be freely available to anyone.

RockHealth – VC funding passed $1.9B in 2013.

Todd Park calls out the loss of George Thomas

George Thomas was a key voice in pushing the Open Health Data movement. George passed a few weeks ago after a long battle with illness. The Health Data Consortium is creating a Fellowiship in honor of George.

We, in the Open Health data movement, are indebted to the foundation work that George did.

Farewell George – You will be missed but your legacy lives on!

Mark Scrimshire
Health & Cloud Technology Consultant

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Disclosure: I am a Patient Engagement Advisor to Personiform, Inc and their platform, a Consumer-Mediated Health Exchange that puts members in control of their health data and who they want to share that data with.

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