Monday, June 16, 2014

Health Data Exchange is not sexy but it can save your life. Who better to take control than the Patient with #BlueButton #HDPalooza

Andy Oram was at the recent Health Privacy Summit and at the Health Data Palooza. He posted a report on Here is one of his reports:

I agree with Andy, Data Exchange is not sexy but it is absolutely critical to the long term health of each and everyone of us. Our health data is too important to be left strewn across a multitude of patient portals and exchanged by entities that have their own mission and agenda. I was proud to see launch at the HealthData Palooza. It gives each of us the power to aggregate our health data and then choose what we want to share, who we want to share with and for how long we want to share.

Data Exchange has dropped off the radar. The average patient still assumes that Doctors and hospitals talk to each other and our information is going to be available. The reality is far from that nirvana. Patients have to get in to the habit of asking for their data electronically. Patient’s are the ones with skin in the game. It is their life that is at stake.


I was at The Health Data Palooza. I was part of the team launching This is a platform that has been two years in development and gives us, as patients/consumers/members, the ability to import BlueButton data along with any other data we see as relevant to our health and well being and then choose who we want to share that information with. We see as part of a mission to give patients control of their health and their health data. If we are not careful we will find that our health data is fragmented, spread far and wide across patient portals built just to meet the demands of the Affordable Care Act and the Meaningful Use standards. Having data available electronically is a step forward for the Healthcare industry but creating data pockets for Patients is not solving the problem of the longitudinal record. We as patients have to demand the ability to download our data. We are the ones whose life is on the line. We have to take control of our health data in order to take control of our health. We then need to work with our friends and loved ones and the medical professionals that form the team that helps us live a life of well being.

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Disclosure: I am a Patient Engagement Advisor to Personiform, Inc and their platform, a Consumer-Mediated Health Exchange that puts members in control of their health data and who they want to share that data with.

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