Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#MongoDBworld CharityMajors (@mipsytipsy) @Parse closing keynote

Charity Majors @PArse / Facebook


Parse hands the backend – Push notifications, Analytics and a ton of other server-side services and deliver at scale.

Parse has 270,000 mobile apps running on Parse – all hosted on MongoDB.

All Software is a pain!

MongoDB + Ops


Reliability – MongoDB is not immune to crashes. The key to resiliency is the Replica Set. You only have to be concerned about the service.

Horizontally scalable services means no Pets. You are dealing with a herd. Cattle not pets. No hand crafted server pets because pets will always die.

Charity – A Battlestar Geek – Your life is without meaning without BG!

Design for High Availability from the outset.

You can’t design in high availability AFTER the fact.

Ops people hate software because they have to plan for failure. It is going to happen.


When you change a schema EVERYTHING break! Why do you want a schema????

Data model Flexibility is critical

Workload flexibility is also critical to flexibility.

When you have hundreds of thousands of apps you have everything. You can’t optimize for a specific load.

Every App must be performant AND must be able to scale.

ONE re-usable solution is better than multiple platforms optimized for specific systems. Engineering workload is a limiting factor.

Choose ONE SINGLE Reusable solution.


Make repetitive annoying tasks made easy.

Scalability is about more than handling tasks really quickly.

The replica set allows you to take out nodes and work on them.

Parse is dealing with 100′s of Terabytes every month.

MongoDB works for Parse:
- Flexible
- Resilient
- Automation friendly

Automation needs operations best practices to be shared. Operations is still young.
Parse has published open source tools

Parse launched these tools today:
- Mongo Proxy http://2.healthca.mp/1q68STL

Allows the replay of workload profiles. Replay in line with original snapshots, or as fast as possible.

Both tools are written in GO.

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