Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#MongoDBWorld #Docker is up and coming – use it with @MongoDB

I managed to catch part of the MongoDB and Docker session.

Docker ( is an up and coming platform for building and deploying distributed apps in standardized environments that have a lower overhead than traditional VM deployments.

Use Docker to create Multiple MongoDB Replicas on a single host.

RedHat talking about using GearD to configure and run MongoDB instances.

Is Docker and Encapsulation or Packaging tool?
It is both – it allows you to containerize applications.

How does it compare with VMware’s vMotion?

SystemD and GearD provides the equivalence to vMotion.

In a micro-sharding example with multiple Docker containers across physical hosts.
You have to manage the networking aspects.

Atomic provides the tools to automate these networking examples.

Micro-sharding is happening in a lot of bare metal deployments.

Docker Containers allow you to get the containers closer to bare metal than running a server in a VM.

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