Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#Mongodbworld Elliott Horowitz and Kenny Gorman of @ObjectRocket from @Rackspace

The final Keynotes:

Kenny Gorman talking about Object Rocket and MongoDB as a Service.

Architecting and deploying scalable cloud databases takes time and expertise. It is still not easy.

Kenny gives a great demo of Python using ObjectRocket

Python: Import ObjectRocket

ObjectRocket pre-provisions infrastrucure and a create adds a pre-provisioned MongoDB in to your account.

One line of code can pre-provision and launch a multiple server MongoDB configuration. Pretty impressive!

So you have your infrastructure… What’s next


You may need to scale rapidly. For Example, Gaming can be unpredictable.

Shard early, Shard Often. Plan ahead.

ObjectRocket provides Auto Sharding based on utilization eg. Disk space.

It also offer AutoKey to automatically apply keys.


AutoCompaction. Handles compressing all the secondaries.

ObjectRocket is providing Free Backups via MongoDump.

Keynote from Kenny Gorman (ObjectRocket by Rackspace)

Remarks from from Kenny Gorman, Chief Architect, ObjectRocket by Rackspace.

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