Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#MongoDBWorld kicks off

I am here at the Sheraton in Times Square New York for MongoDBWorld 2014. I will be blogging from the conference. There are some great topics. I am particularly interested in some of the sessions on Genetics and the NPI data source.

The conference runs for the next two days (June 24-25th) and is a heavily packed agenda. See the full schedule here: http://2.healthca.mp/1p9VQF7

There are around 2,000 people here for this event from across the world.

It is going to be a busy day because I also have to fit in meetings for Medyear.

# Max Shireson – Kenyote @mshireson

The Last 44 years of Data was all neat and Tidy

The changing world:

PC to Mobile
Ads to Social

Data is different today. 90% of world’s data is less than 2 years old.
80% of enterprise data is unstructured.
Unstructured data growing at 2x the rate of structured data.

2/3 of Fortune 500 are challenged by unstructured data.

6*% Data Variety
15% Data Volume
17% Other Data

A decade ago Google emerged as one of most valuable companies. Took visible data and organized it. That spawned Big Table and other tools.
Open Source was critical because licensing software for the machines to index the Internet would kill any data model.

There have been 7M downloads of MongoDB
20,000 deployments

Major vendors are supporting MongoDB eg. IBM, Cloudera, SAP.

some examples of MongoDB users

Mailbox – Scaled to millions of users in weeks. Subsequently acquired by Dropbox.

Bosch - The Internet of Things will outnumber people on the Internet. They are building the infrastructure for the car. They don’t know what will be required in terms of data structures. MongoDB gives them the flexibility.

MetLife – Data in 70 different systems – Tried to pull togeth in Relational database. They couldn’t keep up with the change. MongoDB was implemented to integrate these data streams in a call center in 90 days.

City of Chicago – Starting from the CTO’s laptop grew to MongoDB with Hadoop to power emergency communications rooms and more critical projects across the city.

Citi – Building a shop window to deploy computers and clusters quickly.

## The future of MongoDB

Developing features: Concurrency, Storage and Management.

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