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#mongodbworld Werner Vogels CTO from @Amazon – #IOT the Internet of Things is already here

Werner Vogels – The Internet of Things is here

Great presentation from Werner

“The amount of information recorded about a baby in the first day of life is 70 times the information contained in the Library of Congress”

Observations – Theory – Models – Facts

The mapping of the Human Genome. The first genome map cost billions of dollars. Now the 1,000 Genome Project at NIH. 1700 Genomes are freely available on AWS. It takes about 200TB.

Illumina has BaseSpace – Analytics for Genomics.

Unilever is doing deep sequenced Genome analytics.

The Ocean Observatories have deposited sensors on the ocean floors and are pulling data in to AWS for analysis.

The Mars Rover is using AWS S3 to merge 2 Mega Pixel camera images to create large panoramas.

Consumer world

Dropcam – just got purchased by NEST/Google for $550M. Providing a security camera feed. Dropcam is one of the biggest inbound video service on the web. More data uploaded than YouTube. Petabytes per day.

[Ed: I wonder how soon this will go to Google's App Engine?]
Glowcap / GlowPack -

If you don’t take your meds on time the caps glow. If you ignore it plays a tune. If you keep ignoring it notifies your social network.

DirectLine in the UK – Insurance Company

Capturing data from your smartphone while you drive. Feeds your driving profile to the insurer. Drive well get a discount!


Autistic kids are happier talking to robots than to people.
So Robots interact with Autistic kids.


Analytics have always been popular in retail Who is my customer? What are they saying/doing?

All this drives to Personalization.
The More data you can collect the more accurate your recommendations can be.

Werner gave some great examples where the Amazon recommendation fails – because there is not enough data.


GE Engines – Turbines are being instrumented. The data flows to AWS and is analyzed. Efficincies of 1% can generate millions of dollars of savings.

Shell have instrumented their oil wells.

KArcher is a german industrial cleaning company. All the devices they build are data generators. The data is fed back to the equipment fleet owners.

DeConstruction – Built mBuilder sensors for building sites. The data flows in to an analytics dashboard to tell construction managers what is happening on a building site.


Each professional sports team has an analytics expert that can influence gameplay.

Some teams are equipping players with heart monitors. Players with same heartbeat profile are in sync and the team performs better.

Shockbox – Developed a strip for kids Ice Hockey helmets to assess likelihood of concussion.

Forusquare A big ongoDB user: – Social Cooler – The beer cooler only opens up if you check in with 3 of your friends. No drinking alone!

Tata – Predictive monitoring for Preventative Maintenance of Truck fleets.

OneBusAway – Public Transit app. Instrumented buses.

Waze or Moovit: Waze for private transport user generated content. Moovit is the same for public transport – Both are isreali companies. Waze was acquired by Google

Going real time.

We don’t want to know what happened yesterday. We want to know what is happening NOW.

Amazon built a real time tool. Amazon Kinesis

Managed service for real-time processing. Data is streamed in, sequenced and then output to storage eg. S3, DynamoDB etc.

Beyond the Display

To change behavior you have to find different interfaces.

Ambient Bus Pole – The light rises on the pole as the bus approaches.

Pre-Paid Electricity company provided customers with a lamp that glows when their account gets low. This solved people failing to top up their accounts on time.

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