Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#mongoDBWorld Business Track – @joePaiva from #VA

Joe Paiva – @joepaiva – Chief Technology Strategist from Veterans Administration.

  • Great insight in to moving the VA forward.

The VA has 24+ Million customers with 320,000 Employees and spend about $3.4B/year on IT servicing 4,000+ users.

A big user of Open Source Software.

Their Electronic Medical Record is Vista.

The Freedom of Information Act was used to get the EMR software.

Vista is built on Mumps – the mother of NoSQL databases.

The VA Burning Platforms

People who code Mumps are literally dying or retiring. Mumps originated in the 1950/60s

  • Growing/Evolving Cyber Threat
  • Healthcare industry transformation
  • Federal budgets under pressure
  • More veterans receiving/using benefits

Healthcare is under one of the most dramatic transformations of any industry.

The original EMRs sold to hospitals were about billing.

The industry is now about the delivery of health management from anywhere – not from a fixed point.

IoT “Internet of Things” – “Wow stumping a DC guy with an Acronym”


If you believe your internal network is secure then you are incompetent.

The network must be treated as compromised. This makes BYOD easier to accommodate.

The VA IT Vision is about letting people get to the tools and data to do their job.

You can’t build everything yourself.

“Incremental capability does not benefit your bottom line.”

Agile is cool but you need to deliver a knockout punch.
Implement faster.

This is how the VA came up with an enterprise CRUD service via an Ajax call.

CRUD = Create Read Update Delete

Up front would be some meta data in key/value pairs about the document. Demographics section (eg. about the person eg. a Veteran)
Then the body of the document.

The service didn’t care about the content of the document.

1. The technology doesn’t solve the business sin. Someone has to govern the document content.

The first version of the service was up and running in a few weeks. Code is on github.

Key Priorities:
- Improve and evolve information Security
- Achieve Information Agility
- Reduce Total Lifecycle cost of IT

Enterprise Common Services – Core functions
The next ring identified a series of portfolios for services eg. Clinical services Outside that ring are individual apps that leverage the inner rings.

VA Crowd Sourced the Design Patterns.
Then implement System Design Gates with line item veto to enforce core design patterns.

Only use XCode or device specific if there is nothing else

Core components:
- Bootstrap
- Javascript

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