Thursday, June 05, 2014

#OpenStack Design Workshop – Working with Swift. Presented by @SwiftStack and @Racktop Systems

Today I am at a design workshop for Swift – NOT the Apple programming language announced this week but rather the Object storage solution that is a core part of the OpenStack cloud platform.

The Training is being given by SwiftStack – and Racktop Systems –

This is a One day workshop and I will be publishing real-time notes from the session. So here goes…

Swift and SwiftStack

Swift is the object storage platform for OpenStack.
SwiftStack is the leading contributor to Swift and provides a wrapper of services for Swift to make the service easier to implement.

SwiftStack is a Venture-backed company that was established in 2011.

SwiftStack provides the operational and management layer for Swift.

There are more than 2,000 contributors to the Swift platform.

Rackspace originated Swift but now IBM, AT&T, HP, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have all built on the Swift/SwiftStack platform.

Swift runs on commodity hardware, as does OpenStack.

Storage in OpenStack includes:

  • Cinder (Block)
  • Swift (Object)
  • Manila (Shared File System)

Swift is the OpenStack equivalent of Amazon S3.

Design Goals:

Swift is an API.

- Reliable
- Highly Scalable
- Hardware Proof – it assumes unreliable hardware.

Swift runs on any Linux-based architecture.

Load Balancers are outside swift. SwiftStack includes load balancing.

Load Balancer (includes SSL and Authentication) talks to:
- Proxy talks to:

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