Tuesday, July 01, 2014

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  • Is the Electronic Health Record Defunct? | The Health Care Blog July 1, 2014
    "...current EHR system designs are data-centric and not care or process-centric." Instead we need: Ease of use. Flexibility. workflow. user-configurable. easily shareable. Realtime. Change is coming and it must put the patient at the center and make it easy for their support team to work with them as partners.
  • How Steve Jobs mentored a physician and changed health care July 1, 2014
    Patients need to be at the center along side their doctor. Together - Partners. "...Patients want doctors who know them as individuals, use medical technology thoughtfully, and a system that is highly reliable, safe, and focused on them to stay well or get them better. Doctors want patients who are partners in their care, technology that enables them to […]
  • Healthcare Infographic - Does it Indicate Future HIM Issues? June 25, 2014
    Great info graphic about health information management and the cost of medical coding

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