Monday, September 15, 2014

#NHITWeek Closing the HealthCare Digital Divide (using #BlueButton?)

Dr Ivor Horn leads a panel on closing the digital divide for the underserved

Ivor Horn – Director for Center for Diversity and Health Equity, Seattle Children’s Hospital @Drivorhorn

- Rod Manifold – Exec Director – Central Virginia Health Services and Association of Clinicians for the Underserved
- Paul Meyer, President, Voxiva @voxivapaul
- Vanessa Mason – Sr manager eHealth, ZeroDivide @vanessamason

Rod Manifold operates in a rural area. They were last health centre in VA to implement electronic records.
Moving from paper to electronic. Bandwidth was a limitation. (50Mbs at central site, 10Mbs at each regional site)
About to double bandwidth to add dental support and phone service.

The Nursing staff have risen to take on new responsibilities. They were given laptops and provide help to patients.

Providers need to re-learn how they communicate Provider to Patient. Communication is VIA the record. Real change took place when providers shared information with patients rather than writing for a colleague in case they had to cover for them.

Paul Meyer: The changes to incentives has been instrumental in driving interest in improving population health.
Digital tools enable engagement at a new level of intensity that isn’t possible in the traditional health care environment.

The holy grail is to integrate consumer digital tools with healthcare delivery systems.

How do we create shared utilities – such as PHRs. “We don’t want 15 patient portals”

Vanessa Mason: ZeroDivide looks at the entire ecosystem for the communities where the underserve live.
An example is using Faith-based organizations to reach in to the community to help their congregations be healthier.
ZeroDivide is trying to meet people where they are. Where they eat, meet, work, play.

How can technology fit in to people’s lives easily and seamlessly.

How can we make data actionable that brings better health for patients?

The Broadband divide in the USA makes the Library a natural place for communities to gain access to the Internet.
ZeroDivide is working on Health Insurance literacy.

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