Monday, September 15, 2014

#NHITWeek Incorporating Patient Generated Health Data into Practice

Claudia Williams – Sr Advisor HIT, white House Office of Science and Technology leads a panel and point out the challenge:

  • The Average american has 3 visits per year with the doctor. Each visit averages 20 minutes.

This is the %0.5 engagement I have talked about for so long.

Claudia asked how data will inform care in 2 years.

Nwando Eze, Pediatrician, Neonatology Fellow at CHOC Children’s / Harbor UCLA and Mother of Two @chocchildrens

Patient access to information is empowering.
Data collection is collaborative.

Want to see platforms that allow providers to share information with patients. How do we do this without devaluing the provider-patient relationship.

Arielle Carpenter, Director of Marketing, Withings @BWellArielle

Patients are already there. They are using tracking tools.

When will we see devices and apps for prevention in the home being re-imbursable by the payer. The Apple announcements will take health devices mainstream.

The general public should have more awareness of their health through measurements. This will require a lot of education.

Janet Wright, Exec Director, Million Hearts, @geisingerhealth

1 in 3 adults in USA have high Blood pressure. Only 50% chance it is controlled.
How do we transfer the locus of control from the physician to the patient. The Physician becomes coach. Data and advice needs to flow back and forth.

We need actionable information.

Better control of blood pressure.

Michael Evans, Director, Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacy Program, Geisinger Health System

Patient adherence to chronic medications is at about 15%.
Medication Lists – Medication Reconciliation is accurate about 50% of the time.

They decided to do this outside of the medical visit. They developed a survey and a patient portal to the patient prior to an office visit.
The elderly are tech savvy. They will take the time even if they are on 25-30 medications.

The question shifted to what does the practice do with this data.
Now Geisinger is rolling out across their system. If it more accurate and the visit is more efficient.

Payers need to catch up with aligning payments with benefits.

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