Monday, September 15, 2014

#NHITWeek Supporting Provider Readiness for #MU2 Patient Engagement Measures

  1. Digital Divide Tech Access
  2. Workflow Integration
  3. Consumer Demand
  4. Tech Issues
  5. Privacy/Security

Experience from The VA

“Its all about what is in the box”
“What you say and how you say it”

You have to understand what is in it for them “VDT – View Download Transmit – shorthand for Meaningful Use Stage 2 measures”

Focus on what people need.

People want to be able to communicate with their provider
They want results of their tests
They want to get at their notes
They want transactions like refill prescriptions.

Usage = Value

Every person on the team plays a role. eg. Is the url on the prescription refills

Front Office staff love secure email. It saves phone time.

Patients love it. It improves self care. Patients are better prepared for appointments. Patients reading notes are not bombarding physicians with follow up questions.

This is also reinforced by Kaiser Permanente releasing tens of thousands’ of notes to patients.

What goes on the Portal

Give context for patients. Numbers alone don’t work.
Automate what you can.


Patient Portal was implemented based upon traffic.
- Ambulatory,
- ER
- Out-patient (for pre-surgical questionnaire.)

Secure patient messaging is successful.

Need to implement lab result release
- Offer hispanic language support.


Providers want to avoid multiple PHRs.
Untethered PHRs help offer better experience for patients and also benefit all providers that are connected to a patient.

Secure Messaging – big confusion between secure messaging and the Transmit component of VDT.

Voting on top issues:

  1. Technology – Capturing and reporting of un-reported patient generated data 2. Consumer Demand – 1 Place to get data not multiple portals.

Customers are confused when the same patient portal in different organizations can’t hold their information.

The direction is towards untethered PHRs. Let the Patient data move between organizations. It will reduce the data input at each organization.

Will there be a standard for releasing imaging data and comments.

Even the VA provides the report but not the image (in three business days).

Increasing Reach:

VA is building in Proxy capabilities
Point of Service kiosks – increasing the range of services through these kiosks. Back to basics – working with UK NHS to use Texting (FLO) Algorithmic texting

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