Thursday, October 16, 2014 #HCBOS is coming up on 11/3. Join Me and Grab a ticket: is coming up quickly. Will you be there? You can grab a ticket for this 1 day high energy event at the Microsoft New England Research and DEvelopment Center in Cambridge, MA on Monday November 3rd. Follow this link and grab a ticket:

I am looking forward to dropping in on the event. I have to be in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday for The Web Summit and my flight goes through Boston. So I have been able to arrange to drop in to from about 11am onwards. I am really excited to take part and have to thank David Harlow and Janice McCullum for their hard work in organizing this

If you have not taken part in a this is your chance. It is an event where YOU get to decide the agenda. We will start the day with some 4×4 firestarter talks. That is 4 slides in 4 minutes. If you are doing something interesting in Healthcare grab a sponsor ticket and use the 4×4 to get your message out there. After the firestarter talks we will set the agenda for the day. You get to suggest sessions and lead discussions through out the day.

In the many HealthCamps I have taken part in I have found that the people that don’t consider themselves an expert often lead the best sessions. That seems to be because they ask questions about something that is of great interest to them. is about those discussions and discoveries that emerge from people coming at an issue from different view points and different life experiences.

So grab a ticket and come along on Monday November 3rd. It is going to be a great day!

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