Tuesday, November 18, 2014

@ibx #bluebutton @AneeshChopra wrapping up the morning session

Aneesh Chopra: “There has never been a better time to be an innovator in healthcare”

The patient is the secret weapon in transforming healthcare. If the patient has the data they become key in your mission.

Innovations needed:

  • Data minig/tools
  • Care Integration tools

BlueButton emerged because the VA and DoD couldn’t share data despite spending billions of dollars.

The patient is the unifier!

There is a fine for NOT providing patient data they have requested:

$20,000 per patient per day Fine.

Use the standards that are out there

OAuth is already in use on thousands of sites.

The next step is approving app sharing with bluebutton.

Check out smartplatforms.org @SmartHealthIT

A Public API is a basic conduit of interoperability.

A coalition of the willing….

Healthcare’s Open API : SMART on FHIR -

SOA Orchestration
Clinical Element Models
SMART Web Apps

The key building blocks:

  • The patient having access to their data
  • Using internet security protocols.

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