Tuesday, November 18, 2014

@IBX #BlueButton Workshop Jane Sarasohn-Khan (@healthyThinker) giving the patient view

From the @IBX #BlueButton Workshop

“Every person has their own Personal Health Ecosystem”

The 2008 Recession changed things for Americans.

Ogilvy Survey revealed:
- Sustainability is the new happiness

Moving from Passive, careless, simple to:
- Active, Deliberate, Complex

Out of pocket costs for american workers have doubled in the last 5-6 years (in the region of $23K for family of four with workers carrying 40% of the cost).

We are all embracing the Triple Aim:
- Better Experience
- Better Care
- Lower Cost

Activated patients have lower health care costs.

Patient Engagement is a good thing. It saves money.

People want to share in decision making. People need on-ramps to engagement. Design is critical.

We are moving to Retail health…

BlueButton is part of the personal health ecosystem. Downloading our data is key.

We have to be Human-centered.

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