Tuesday, November 18, 2014

@IBX #BlueButton workshop

Demonstrating how Patients can use BlueButton

Humetrix demonstrated their iBlueButton app
Medyear – Panha Chheng demonstrates the Medyear Consumer-Mediated Health Information Exchange

Humetrix – Humans + Metrics

Started in 1990 with a diet smartwatch.
In 2006-2009 this evolved to USB enabled Web-based applications

iBlueButton is an iOS App that pulls BlueButton file from a datasource. Data is only stored on the user’s phone.
Data can be pushed by Provider using Direct.
Data can be pulled by the app from a data source.

iBlueButton supports the CMS BlueButton ASCII text file.

  • using MedlinePlus for Drug information.

Allows you to reconcile allergies/conditions etc.

  • Pulls Medicare, DOD and VA records.

Some challenges:
- 87% of eligible providers attesting for MU2 received exclusions for sending summaries of care.
- Only 2% of providers were able to get patients to download data.

The challenge for the IBX BlueButton Workshop: How can we close care gaps with the patient using BlueButton.

IBX Presenting their work on Care Gaps and BlueButton

The Clinical Care Report (CCR)

  • Data is aggregated by Informatics including member level information:
    (Disease conditions, ER Visits, Hospitalizations, Outpatient procedures, specialist visits, Imaging stuies, Gaps in care)
  • Daily reports generated every evening
  • CCR called up by Providers via Navinet

Providers do 0.5M eligibility checks each month. Only a few percent of those checks also pull the CCR information.

[Editor’s Note: Isn’t the gap that this is going to the Provider and not engaging the patient. BlueButton opens the channel to the patient.]

IBX offers a mobile and desktop portal. They are moving the web/desktop portal to the mobile codebase.

The mobile app is adding a BlueButton section
There will be an option to email but it will be unsecured (ie. Not using Direct Standards)
The BlueButton attachment is encrypted with a password.

Over 50% of patients have a care gap (based on HEDIS measures).

Medyear demo by Panha Chheng

The Patient is the De facto Health Information Exchange

see more at Medyear.com

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