Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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It’s Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 09:05AM
and time to bring you some Delicious #Health posts

  • ▶ Extended Cut - CMS Data as a Service - Theatrical Trailer - YouTube January 20, 2015
    A teaser trailer for the work I am doing at CMS to update BlueButton to become a Data Service. Thanks to Ryan Panchadsaram for putting this together.
  • ▶ CMS Blue Button Sneak Preview 2015 - YouTube January 12, 2015
    You have to love the Internet! I whipped up a one take video of a rough Proof of Concept for BlueButton Plus work I am doing at CMS. It was intended to give internal folks a glimpse of what we are trying to accomplish and Ryan Panchadsaram turns it in to the most awesome trailer!
  • Breathometer Mint for Breath Quality and Hydration | Indiegogo January 8, 2015
    A device and app to measure breath quality and hydration. An ingenious device that is coupled with a smartphone app. Yet another example of how consumers will have access to metrics about their body and health that will increasingly dwarf the data held about them by Medical Professionals. This is another factor that will drive the consumerization of health c […]

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